Designed with the Urban Consumer in mind

Small urban gardens are not the natural habitat for pools. This is why traditional solutions are usually not well suited without expensive and time consuming tailoring.
Instead, our London based company has designed a product specifically for the urban environment.

Modern minimalist design and optimised garden

Stunning feature in your garden, our innovative design also optimises the use of space.
Thanks to the reinforced “walk-on” cover, Urban Pool has no ground footprint. Once the pool is closed, all the surface can still be used to walk, dine or play on.

Perfect for a fun afternoon for kids

The Urban Pool is perfect for kids to splash and play.
They will love to have a swim after school, spend time in the pool during the weekend and invite friends for pool parties.
Babies can also enjoy the warm water, and the Urban pool is just the right size for toddlers to gain confidence and start to swim.

Ideal as a spa for grown-ups

Turn the bubble-jets and light on and your Urban Pool becomes a luxury spa.
Perfect for having a drink, socialising with friends and family and indulging yourself in the hot water.

When small is better

The cost of running a heated pool all year-round is often prohibitive.
The small volume of water combined with our innovative pool cover allows to keep the water warm while minimising the cost and the environmental impact.

Safe and easy

Safety is of paramount importance when small children are around a pool. Our reinforced “walk-on” cover is operated through a remote control and features an additional security system allowing to lock it with a key.

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